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Matakabs was launched mid 2007 by Sandy McNeur and Niki Bezzant. We operate at the moment in the Matakana region. We're the first taxi company in New Zealand to use only hybrid technology vehicles in our fleet of vans and cars. We plan to expand Matakabs.

We started Matakabs because we believe, when it comes to the environment and reducing carbon emissions, that little things can make a big difference. Lots of us, doing lots of little things, can make a big change. Little things like choosing to use a hybrid taxi.

We're not hippie, alternative types either. We also believe that choosing an environmentally friendlier option shouldn't have to cost any more, dollar wise, than doing things the old-fashioned, carbon-heavy way. And it should not be less convenient or comfortable than the old way, either. 
The little things we do
We try to live what we talk in our company and our personal lives. So some of the things we do are:

 - We conserve energy in our office wherever we can. We turn things off, we use eco friendly bulbs.

 - We minimise paper use, and we recycle all the paper we do use.

 - We wash our cars using minimal water or greywater (depending on whose place we wash at).  

We try, wherever we can, to leave as light of a footprint as we can, and we will continue to do more as we find new, sustainable solutions along the way.

09 422 2244 - 0800 kabride (0800 522743)

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